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We're there for your pets when you can't be.
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What our customers have to say...

Jen and Richs dog Maddie"Colby Pet Services has taken the stress and worry out of our daily dog care needs. We can’t say enough good things about them! We have been clients for many years and it is such a comfort to know that the caring and professional folks at Colby are spending time with our dog during the day. Everyone on staff at Colby is a pet owner and understands the importance of quality pet care. We have been so impressed with their reliability and genuine care. They treat our dogs as if they were their own. Every caretaker is consistently professional, trustworthy and responsible. If your typical Colby caretaker is on vacation – someone else from the staff fills in seamlessly, and with the same level of quality care and attention. After using other pet services, it is such a pleasure to work with Colby." 
                                                                                                                                                   - Jen and Rich, from Littleton
Pats dog Willis"Superior service! We are absolutely thrilled with Colby Pet Services. For the past seven years we have been using Colby for weekly walks and vacations. Our yellow lab was just one year old when we started with Colby and as a result he has had walks every week since and he has never spent a day in a kennel. After weekly walks he is thoroughly dried off (from rain or swims) and given a treat (and tons of love). While we are on vacation, Colby visits our home several times a day to feed and walk our lab, leaving daily reports on his activities. They even put the radio on from time to time so he wouldn't be lonely!    I don't believe Willis could receive better service... or be loved as much from someone outside the family, as he is with the employees at Colby. I highly recommend them."   
                                                                                                                                                      - Pat, from Westford  

Libbys labs"The Colby hikes made Pete the good dog he is today - no doubt.  When he first came to us he was a bundle of energy and a renegade after being a kennel dog.  Our older dog just didn't have the energy to play with him so he was very frustrated and could get annoying.   The hikes with Colby Pet Services give him the active socialization that he has come to love and need!  He is snoring within 5 minutes of arriving back home!  When our puppy is bigger, he will hopefully be able to hike too."   
                                                                                                                                                        - Libby, from Westford  

Andrews dog Owen"Colby Pet Services has been a part of our family for over 3 years.  I’ve used them for a minimum of 3 leash walks per week.  Colby Pet Services truly understand both my needs as an owner, as well as what is best for my dog.  I’ve left specific details for the walkers and they are always carried out.  Owen is always so happy when they visit!"                                                                                    
- Andrew, from Hudson  

Jills dog Wookie"I can’t say enough about Colby Pet.  Dave and Janis and their team have provided exceptional service for the past 7 years for us.  When it comes to building relationships there are none better.  Wookie has been through a lot, having cancer since he was 3, went through remission and then cancer returning recently.  They are caring beyond belief and wanting to be in-the-know about what they can do to make our lives easier.  The trust and respect I have for the team at Colby is at its highest level and would never think of switching to another service.  They not only treat people with the utmost professionalism but even more so with animals and are extremely accommodating.  Wookie looks forward to his 2 visits/day.  If our “regulars” are not available and we have someone fill in, the instructions given by Janis to make sure everything stays constant are impeccable.  Love Colby and highly recommend their services to anyone that is looking for quality care for your pets. "
                                                                                                                                                           - Jill, from Stow  
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