Colby Pet Services
We're there for your pets when you can't be.
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Dog Services 

Daily leash walks and yard play

Colby Pet Services will come to your home for 30 minutes and take your dog for a personalized leash walk or have play time in your yard, whichever you and your pet prefer.

For those clients who currently receive our standard 30-minute dog walk/yard play visit and wish to extend the amount of time, please let us know.  We are happy to take your dog or dogs for longer leash walks, increased yard play, and/or extra belly rubs and attention, either on an ongoing basis or at select times during the week or year.

Daily dog hiking groups

Colby Pet Services will come to your home and transport your dog to a local conservation area where your dog can run and play off-leash with other Colby Pet Services dogs.

Hikes are approximately 45 minutes long (plus the pick-up and drop-off time which can be just as much fun for the dogs).  Dog groups are typically no larger than 5.

All visits conclude with fresh water and treats, and dogs who hike are checked carefully for ticks.

Taxi service

Let Colby Pet Services take the hassle and worry out of getting your pet to appointments. 

We offer safe, comfortable transportation for your pet to or from the local groomer, kennel, daycare, or veterinarian. And your pet will love it!

Advance notification is appreciated and some restrictions may apply.
Cat services

Each cat visit includes feeding, fresh water, litter box cleanup, and playtime.

We will also administer medications as needed and let your cat or cats in or out of the house as requested.

Equine care

Colby Pet Services offers experienced, quality care for horses including daily feeding and turnout, exercise and brushing, and stall cleaning.

Other equine services are available upon request.
Weekend and vacation pet sitting

Colby Pet Services comes to your home as many times a day as requested to feed and exercise your adult pets and keep them company while you are away.

We will administer medications if needed and we always give a lot of attention and affection.

We will bring in your mail and newspapers, alternate lights, water plants, or take your trash out if needed.

We do not accept dogs under 1 year old for weekend/vacation service, and, having surveyed our dogs on their feelings about being separated from their beloved family members, we adhere to a 2-week maximum term for extended absences.
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